I use a                                  approach to dyslexia therapy and reading instruction. This approach is a diagnostic, systematic, and prescriptive form of instruction in the patterns of language, including:

structured literacy

• phonics         
• decoding       
• fluency         
• phonological awareness   
• spelling         
• comprehension

Dyslexia Therapy

Reading Tutoring


Dyslexia Therapy is based on specific cognitive deficits affecting reading skill.

Dyslexia Therapy produces a cognitive
change affecting literacy learning.

Dyslexia Therapy focuses at the cognitive level which in turn impacts academics.

Dyslexia Therapists have advanced degrees and training through credentialing agencies.

Dyslexia Therapists are trained to implement and interpret assessment tools.

Reading Tutoring is based on school curriculum or required grade level material.

Reading Tutoring produces a change in mastery of content learned in class.

Reading Tutoring focuses at the academic level which in turn impacts assignment grades.

Reading Tutors are not required to have special training.

Reading Tutors are usually not trained in diagnostic assessments.

4 Pillars of Effective Dyslexia and Reading Therapy

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