My name is Robin Carbajal, and after 20 years of teaching children to become successful readers, I still believe it is the best job in the world. Teaching is a calling for me, and I am blessed to do it every day.
I have the privilege to help amazing children overcome their reading challenges, even those who have the greatest severity of dyslexia or reading disability.

I get to watch the transformation that your child goes through firsthand. Before starting reading therapy, your child may feel insecure or ashamed of their poor reading skills. Yet even after the first reading therapy session, your child may begin to feel some comfort, knowing that I am here to partner with them to

Watching your child blossom and become a confident reader is a beautiful experience, but watching your child develop into a confident person is priceless. Every day, I witness children’s confidence, joy, and enthusiasm spreading to other parts of their lives in just a few sessions. They begin to feel hope that the mysteries of reading can be unlocked for them, too. That is why I weave into each learning session opportunities to build up the WHOLE CHILD.  
I guide, support, and encourage the children I teach to achieve their goals in learning. And I’m all in. I frequently find myself unable to sleep at night, as my mind spins, brainstorming more fun, interesting and rigorous ways to help your child take the next step in learning. Because every step your child takes toward their goals strengthens their reading ability and their work ethic, determination, resilience, tenacity, and my personal favorite--grit. Yes, grit, according to researcher and psychologist Angela Ducksworth, is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals. A child who learns these skills young in life becomes an adult who makes a difference in the world. So you can see why I am so passionate about what I do for children. It changes lives, which changes our future. 
Our lives are spinning faster and faster these days. Our children change in the blink of an eye and unfortunately, there isn’t a moment to lose. If you desire to help your child become a lifelong, fluent reader and develop unwavering self-confidence, let’s get started today. 

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If you are curious about what I incorporate into tutoring sessions, including the training/qualifications that support my personalized curriculum design and diagnostic decision making, please continue reading.

My qualifications include:
  • CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist) 
  • Licensed Dyslexia Therapist
  • Career teacher with over 20 years of experience 
  • Certification in Elementary Reading 
  • Master’s Degree in Special Education & Dyslexia

I'm trained in a variety of dyslexia therapy curriculums, including:
  • Take Flight
  • MTA
  • Herman
  • Esperanza
  • Lexercise
  • Wilson

My specialty is:
  • Helping severely dyslexic students find success, including those who have not responded to dyslexia therapy in the past.
  • Customized reading and dyslexia instruction that I individually tailor for each child.
  • Discovering the skills your child needs to excel in reading.

This personalized approach enables all children, even children with the most challenging reading difficulties, find success in reading. 
Using techniques that I've honed through years of experience and study, every lesson includes a balance of reading games, direct instruction, and reading practice, designed to make learning to read something your child looks forward to. 

Since I'm a kid at heart, I love making learning to read fun for kids!

achieve their goals in reading.


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