Reading Catch-Up Academy (RCA) is unlike any digital  course you've experienced before!

Part course, part parent coaching, you'll be guided by me, a Dyslexia Therapist, together in RCA and our small but mighty community, to help YOU learn the skills to confidently build your child's reading ability at home, even if you or your child has struggled learning to read.

You'll learn the same step-by-step process used in my dyslexia therapy practice to confidently catch your struggling reader up, or boost your child ahead for the upcoming school year!

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Made Up of 3 Parts:

Reading Catch-Up Academy

01. A proven step by step       roadmap

02. Parent instruction at         your pace

03. Extra Support with            Parent Coaching

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01. Parent Instruction:
Parents learn to effectively build their children's reading skills through short, easy to digest videos, plus interactive live parent coaching sessions. You can learn your way, on the go, and on your timeframe. Not only that, since you're the one in the driver's seat teaching your child, you can continue strengthening your child's reading skills even at Grandma's house this summer and all year long!

02. Strategic Reading Plan: You'll learn to create a strategic plan to target your child's weak areas in reading. I'll show you how to match your child's needs with the best reading materials consistent with the Science of Reading research that can be accessed digitally or printed.

No need to purchase any additional materials or curriculum since I'll share with you my curated list of amazing online reading resources!

03. Parent Coaching: Got stuck? Not quite sure what to do? I've got you! Parents attend a live coaching Q&A and can also submit a weekly question that I'll answer personally. 


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As a parent, you know your child best. Teachers only work with your child for one year.  You've seen your child develop from an infant and understand what has come easy to them and what they struggle with.  Because of this, you can be incredibly effective in helping your child improve their reading skills.  All you need is some guidance and materials to work with, and that's what the Reading Catch-Up Academy is.

Parents do not need to be professionally trained teachers. You don't need to know the most effective way of teaching reading or the Science of Reading because I already did that research for you.

This isn't a set of worksheets.  You've already tried that with minimal results.  This is a course that guides you to understand how to effectively teach and strengthen your child's reading skills.  This is not a program that directly teaches your child.

This is parent coaching where you will also learn new skills, such as principles of reading instruction and the best practices found in the Science of Reading research.  This is not a school run curriculum or program, but rather a course designed to guide parents to take a decisive action to make a positive difference in their children's reading skills.

Yes!  You don’t need to purchase other materials or another curriculum because the materials are already available digitally in the course, along with short, bite-sized videos that guide you step by step on how to teach your child the reading skills your child lacks.  You can use this program with one child or all children in your household, and can be used long after the summer is over to provide support during the school year and in summers to come.

In addition to the support built into the program, there is extra guidance offered in the form of live Q&A classes with me, a dyslexia therapist and career teacher. So you don’t ever have to feel alone or get stuck and not know what to do.

Even if you struggled with reading growing up or even now, the lessons provided will give you a greater understanding of literacy instruction and how the concepts can be broken down.

Parents are instructed in short, easy to digest videos. No need to read long dissertations and directions.

Each module will contain a few short videos to provide background information and guidance to parents. Reading materials are provided that target each specific skill. These reading materials can be read on a screen or printed, or can be transformed into engaging games and activities.

**You will need an electronic device to access the lessons and you may wish to print some of the materials, but it’s not required.

Reading Catch-Up Academy can be used to help your child catch-up over the summer or to get ahead before school starts.  Once purchased, you will have lifelong access.

Is This For Me & My Child?

What Is It?

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When Can I Use It?

Other FAQ:

Q:  Is it cost effective?
A:  Yes!  It's one price for lifetime access and it can be used with several children.  No need to hire multiple tutors!

Q:  When will we have time to do this if our summer schedule is erratic?
A:  You get to control when and where your lessons take place.  You can have lessons on the go in the car, or even at Grandma's house.

Q:  What if my child doesn't want to read or "waste" their summer?
A:  There is an emphasis on active learning and engaging games to practice reading skills.  As your child's reading skills develop, you'll likely find your child more willing to read.

Q:  My child is so behind in all areas or in just a few areas.  Will this help?
A:  The Reading Catch-Up Academy is designed to show you how to help meet your child exactly where they are in reading.  You can go through all the lessons or focus just on a few targeted areas.  It all starts with a simple assessment you do at home.  You will begin by having your child read (and spell) specific words.  This will help you understand the skills your child has mastered and the skills your child needs to work on. You don't need to waste time teaching skills your child already knows.  This makes the Reading Catch-Up Academy personalized for each child and each family.