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accelerate reading skills
A summer online program for PARENTS to learn how to 
help your child read at grade level and beyond!

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at home.

Which program is best for your child? 
I won't know until I assess your child in reading. That's because I don't use
one-size-fits-all reading programs.

"Since my son has started working with Robin and Reading Remedies he has gained so much                       
Robin is able to create a plan that fits where he is at and helps him grow faster than any other programs have." 
-Carol P. 

I                the exact reading program
your child needs. 



Get customized Dyslexia Therapy through a Dyslexia Therapist to support your child's reading!

When a child experiences repeated frustration and failure, many kids just give up trying.

But there is hope. 

Pacing that creates challenge not frustration. Lessons adapted to your child’s learning style. Balanced rigor and positive reinforcement With this combination, your child

Using insight from the reading assessment, I design your child’s 

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prescriptive reading plan.

experience success.

grows by leaps and bounds.

Next, I create an environment
where your child can

Success Stories

You're worried about
your child's reading. 

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I'm here to help.

Share your concerns
with an experienced dyslexia therapist, mom, and a friend.

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I am a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) and a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist with over 20 years of experience teaching students to read. I hold a certification in elementary reading and have a master’s degree in Special Education & Dyslexia. I love making learning to read fun and witnessing the joy reading brings to a child! 

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Help your child go beyond CVC
to conquer multisyllabic words
with one simple method. 

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