How do dyslexia therapists teach reading?

Do you ever Wonder

For a struggling reader, the path to strong reading requires 

Let's homeschool together! 

You can be a part of it.

expert guidance. 

• Customized, hands on education.
• One-on-one time with your kids.
• Working at your child's pace. 

You love homeschooling. 

But sometimes reading is a struggle. 

Best yet, you can teach the way   
you know is right for your family. 

reading and dyslexia therapy
rather than curriculum-centered instruction.

Although I have years of experience
in a variety of dyslexia curriculums

I                       your child's lessons by creating
the right dyslexia therapy reading program for your child. 


one size doesn't fit all.



I provide                

If you struggle to teach
your children to read...

In fact, it's taken 
an advanced degree, 
additional certification, 
yearly professional development, 
and over two decades of experience 
to feel confident in my ability to
teach any child to read. 

You can do that too, but if
your kids don't have time to wait, 
you can reach out for help below.

Skillful reading instruction
is not something you 
pick up haphazardly. 

Connect by

"...During my initial conversation with Robin, I saw a glimmer of hope.  Having exhausted every other reading program we
decided to go for it.

The progress and growth we saw within the first month was amazing. It has been like watching doors within her mind open.

I see an entirely new future for Amelia. It's...                           

Katie B, homeschool mom

"I have always struggled to read. I love books, but I just couldn't read well regardless of how hard I tried. It affected all of my school subjects. Because couldn't read or spell very well, I was embarrassed and felt different.

I started to work with Mrs. Robin, and she showed me that I just hadn't been taught the right way for me to read. Everything started to make sense, and I quickly started catching up on what I had been missing for so many years. I hope I can help other people who have dyslexia to                                            

In amelia's words...

... see what's possible."

...bright and full of hope!"

The only thing I enjoy as much as teaching children to read, is

to confidently teach their children to read.

empowering parents. 

The only thing I enjoy as much as teaching children to read, is                                        
    to confidently teach their children to read.